Advertising agency business plan ppt presentations

Chapter 1 Defining Marketing for the 21st Century by: It has already happened.

Advertising agency business plan ppt presentations

Last year, I spoke at conferences, seminars and workshops in over 43 different cities. Presentations are very time consuming and require a lot of hard work. I want mine to be memorable and make a difference. Many informed me that what I had to say motivated them to act.

I started this blog about branded entertainment, Gamma Blast. Retention is six times greater when the information is presented visually. Agencies should excel in this area but most of their presentations are text heavy and data filled. They are painfully boring and forgettable.

Here are the three steps that I recommend for building an effective presentation for new business: Core Message Your presentation should be audience focused.

I begin my presentation process by: An exercise that may help you to clearly define your message is to write it down using 10 words or less.

I try to stick to the rule of three for presentations. Almost every Steve Job presentation was divided into three parts. This exercise is both easy and fun. I enjoy looking for just the right images to express the key points that are essential to my main message. I prefer this method over pen and paper primarily because it is so easy to create and work with.

I can also pull in slides from one presentation to the next to help build a similar presentation. As I whittle down my slides, adjust the order I can hone my presentation deck to flow like a story.

Having a visual outline really makes this process easy. When I do choose to use text, less is more.

advertising agency business plan ppt presentations

My slides will only enhance what I have to share. It is the presentation rule that matters most. Rehearsing your presentation is key. Most seem to limit their rehearsals to three.

Usually two rehearsals the night before and one the day of the event. Steve Jobs spent hours rehearsing every facet of his presentation. The rehearsals help me to know what slides to add, delete, revise as well as how to change-up the order of the slides so the presentation flows smoothly.

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I rehearse silently and slowly, reflecting on each individual slide. I rehearse a number of times at normal speed to gauge and adjust my timing. The many rehearsals help me to be relaxed and confident. I do a much better job of making eye contact because I know my material so well. My passion will capture the attention of my audience.

I strive to make my presentations inspirational, not flawless. Rehearsals help me to hone my delivery style that will excite my audience with memorable effectiveness. Rehearsals allow me to continually tighten-up my presentation.

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advertising agency business plan ppt presentations

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Build a winning ad agency new business team! So they called us. After a one-day session the team called it a "life changing" event. The president, a. 12 Winning the Pitch Presentation Rules: 1. Understand the Difference Between Advertising and New Business What are the main reasons people fail in New Business presentations?

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