Gibson and fender marketing mix

Susan Davis Susan M. Davis has fond memories of Les Paul and Mary Ford coming over to her house for dinner when she was a little girl.

Gibson and fender marketing mix

I decided I HAD to have one of these basses somehow. I even got estimates from escrow shipping companies, but it simply couldn't be done without spending a small fortune.

Then I heard about guitarshogun. I contacted them about getting a lefty and a week later this beautiful bass arrived. This bass is a slap monster and unfairly under-appreciated. Doesn't bother me as much as it does the righties, LOL.

Gibson and fender marketing mix

Ricks have finally caught up with the rest of the vintage market for better or for worse. Like most Rick owners, I took off the pickup cover, since it interferes with my playing.

Popularized by 60's icons Jack Cassidy and Phil Lesh. Fat, tubby, boomy low end great for roots rock. These basses also feature a "squelch" button that can suck all the low end out of the tone if needed, though why you'd want to do that is beyond me.

This one's been refinished in 2 tone tobacco sunburst and body contoured to resemble the changes made to the '55 Precision.

Fender guitars mission statement

I've since put the chrome covers back on, making it quite a looker. I searched and searched for 2 years to find a lefty, and finally found this one in Manny's in New York by accident.

I've since learned how to handle money better, LOL. InI was playing with a Brazilian percussionist who regularly played with Jaco. It's been my main bass for 25 years, and still going strong. I still have the original PUPs which need to be rewound, the chrome covers, and the bridge.

Two Fender Jazz Basses Seeing double? Here's my two skinny Js. The one on the left was purchased in '84 and has been my main bass since. The one on the right was found in Only took 20 years to find another, and believe me I looked!

I have never cared for them, preferring the look and tones of a J instead and finding them generally boring and too prevalent in music history. Well, there's a reason why they are the most widely heard bass in musical history: Their "meat and potatoes" tone just sits so well in a mix, especially in rock trios, and they're as simple as can be - just plug and go.

I strung this one up with 10 year old D'Addario Chromes and it comes close to that Jamerson Motown vibe all the way. Less the talent, LOL. I can't stop playing it and I'm a P bass convert now.

The previous owner added a P pickup near the bridge, which is an improvement that Fender should consider when reissuing these which they've since done under Squire.

Monstrous huge tone with both pickups on, and finally some added clarity to that Lover mudbucker. Featuring the much-maligned Seth Lover mudbucker in the neck position, offering players of the Fender camp the opportunity to experience Gibson tone without crossing over to the dark side.

THE bassiest bass I own, fat, boomy yet non-distinct tone perfect for dub or reggae. Previous owner routed it for larger Dimarzio Model 1 and Model G?

Once upon a time BC Rich instruments were hand made and represented the highest quality, rivaling other boutique companies of the time. Somewhere along the way BC Rich limited their marketing and quality level to Metal music, possibly pigeonholing them forever.

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Shame, as these early Ricos are top quality. So many specs on the bass were new designs for Fender, and never to be revisited again for unknown reasons i. A great slapper and very versatile. Loosely modeled after a Rickenbacker with stereo outs but with many more tonal combinations.Aug 21,  · Marketing *cough* scam *cough* Originally Posted by Zozobra Gibson Les Paul Custom Fender FSR Butterscotch BG Tele Marshall JMP Master Vol.() w/Marshall 4x12 I believe EL34s will cut a mix better than E34Ls.

Comment. Post Cancel. richedie. As an occasional and quite dreadful guitar player I have a vague interest in what goes on over at Gibson and Fender. The marketers at these two iconic brands could probably rest on their laurels to a certain extent but both do a great deal in the way of content marketing and community management.

The Mix knob allows Felix’s two channels to be blended into one or sent out as individual channels. Last is Amp Out level control for the unbalanced amp output on the back of the unit; it also sets the level for the eighth-inch mini-headphone jack on the side panel.

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Mar 25,  · Fender American strat or Gibson SG?

Gibson and fender marketing mix

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